About Cancer Foundation of India

The Cancer Foundation of India (CFI), Kolkata (website: www.cficancer.org) is a voluntary organisation dedicated to cancer prevention and control in India. At CFI, a team of highly motivated professionals has engaged in cancer control activities since 2002. We try to bridge the gap in cancer public health, education, training & human resource development, research, and cancer survivor issues in the country. CFI’s team of professionals and volunteers is driven towards risk reduction, prevention, and early diagnosis of 3 major cancers – breast cancer, cervical cancer, and tobacco-induced ones which account for almost 60% of all cancers in India.

The Foundation has four operating themes:

i) Cancer Communication for improving cancer awareness and education in the community through electronic media, regular meetings, webinars on cancer awareness, and community programmes. In addition, the CFI runs a cancer screening centre in Kolkata.

(ii) Research in Cancer Prevention through community-based projects on topics of critical interest to the country such as epidemiology, chemoprevention, HPV vaccination, new detection methods and tests etc.

(iii) Capacity Building and Development of Human Resources in cancer prevention and early detection by holding workshops, training, conference/symposia on topical themes and publishing protocols, manuals, and innovative communication material on cancer prevention for public health, and para-medical community workers, and

(iv) Support Cancer Patients through a cancer helpline that provides counselling and clinical advice during and post-treatment status of patients.

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