In 1999 a total of ten scientists active in Japan, with partial financial support of Nobuyuki Ito, decided to launch a new organization and journal to focus research attention on both the epidemiology and the toxicological pathology of cancer. Kazuo Tajima and Malcolm Moore took on responsibility as representatives from these two research areas, producing a booklet ‘Cancer Prevention in Tables and Figures’ which was then used to persuade some 250 Professors in Japan to provide support by becoming ‘members subscribing to the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. The first issue appeared at the beginning of 2000, first as a quarterly and subsequently on a more frequent basis. Successful application for indexing on PubMed has allowed all publications to be internationally accessible and freely available as pdf files through the efforts of Alireza Mosavi-Jarrahi since his taking up the position of Chief Editor on the retirement of Malcolm Moore in 2016. Through International connections, primarily of Kazuo Tajima, Shinkan Tokudome and Malcolm Moore, a Founding Conference of the APOCP was held in Pattaya in November 2000, with delegates from some 15 countries. Cooperation with Max Parkin and the International Association for Cancer Registration helped maximize attendance.

APOCP General Assemblies

A constitution was drafted in early 2000 with provisions for holding General Assembly Conferences every two years.

1st  (2002) in Nagoya, Japan
(K Aoki  / K Tajima)
2nd (2004) in Seoul, South Korea
(YO Ahn / KY Yoo)
3rd  (2006) in Bangkok, Thailand 
(K Thiravud / S Petcharin)
4th  (2008) in Beijing, PR China
(Z Ping / Y Qiao)
5th  (2010) in Istanbul, Turkey  
(M Tuncer / N Ozgul)
6th  (2012) in Kuching, Malaysia 
(CH Yip)
7th  (2014) in Taipei, Taiwan
(CJ Chen)
8th  (2016) in Brisbane, Australia
(J Dunn)
9th  (2018) in Jeju, South Korea
(KY Yoo)
10th (2020) in Iran (virtual)
(A Mosavi-Jarrahi)
11th (2022) in Kolkata, India (scheduled)
(M Siddiqi)

APOCP 12 Year Cycle Meeting

In 2013, to celebrate 12 years of activity a second meeting was held in Pattaya, attended by representatives of all General Assemblies and IACR. In addition, a total of some 10 Regional Conferences have also been successfully staged across the Asian Pacific. It is to be hoped that more will result from the discussions to be held in Kolkata later this year.